About ZoraCoin Investment

ZoraCoin Investment is #1 best investment platform.
Across each of our traditional investment areas we have established a general approach to environmental, social and corporate governance.

ZoraCoin Investors are signatories to initiatives such as the Principles for Responsible Investment.

We combine brand strategy and planning with digital strategy to find a brand’s true capability.

Our Mission & Vision

Zoracoin was registered in UK in 2015. As of today, Zoracoin has fully gained ground in 11 countries of the world. According to the C.E.O, Mark Zoraphy during an interview in United Kingdom with WWL, He made it known that the mission of the organization is to eradicate poverty and help citizens especially youths and students in tertiary institutions to achieve all their financial goals and live their dream lives without stress. The Alliance Group is aimed at making the World great again by enabling youths to work from the comfort of their homes. Zoracoin is a Global Alliance Investment Community that operates by in-house mutual help based on peer-to-peer donations. The organization made it possible for the use of Local currencies and bitcoins with 50% to 300% ROI in a few days. More details about the organization can be found on the organization's website at zoracoin.com

How does it work
ZoraCoin is a Global Investment System based on digital marketing where one get paid according to the amount he/she invested normally between 50%-300% ROI in a stipulated period of time. By 50% - 300% ROI.... For instance... If you have 0 active downlines and you're in level 1; $1,000 will give you $1,515 in 12hours Then let's assume you have 100 downlines and you're in level 1, $1,000 will give you $1,918. Let's assume you have 100 downlines and you're level 6 member, $1,000 will give you $3,020 All in 12hrs for $1,000.... Key note: The higher the downlines the higher your ROI. Key note: The higher your level, the higher your ROI. Key note: You don't need downlines to withdraw your money but you must be active before you can withdraw. You can only need downlines before you withdraw your bonus knowing that we credit all new users with $100 as a welcome bonus. Key note: If your withdrawal or investment exceeds the stipulated date, ZoraCoin will keep compensating you until you're merged which happens in rare cases due rare system saturation.... Above all you get 10% of every investment transaction done by anyone you refer for lifetime.... And also you could be a winner of our end of the year draw.